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Stephen Prays as He is Stoned via
Alma 14:11
KnoWhy #351
Alma and Amulek in Prison by Gary L. Kapp
Alma 14:29
KnoWhy #121
The End of the World by John Martin.
Alma 16:9–11
KnoWhy #123
The ruins of an ancient synagogue in Capernaum from the 4th century A.D. Image via Wikimeida Commons.
Alma 16:13
KnoWhy #124
Rebecca and Eliezer by Bartolome Esteban Murillo via Wikimedia Commons
Alma 17:24–25
KnoWhy #414
Etching of Joseph Smith Climbing Fence from The Smith Family Farm
Alma 19:6
KnoWhy #460
"Maidservant Hero" by James Fullmer
Alma 19:16
KnoWhy #127
Abish by James Fullmer
Alma 19:17
KnoWhy #374
“The Resurrected Christ” by Wilson J. Omg
Alma 19:29
KnoWhy #449
Mormon termina compendio by Jorge Cocco
Alma 19:36
KnoWhy #415
"King Lamoni's Father" by Minerva Teichert
Alma 20:8
KnoWhy #128
"Mormon" by James Fullmer
Alma 21:13
KnoWhy #129
Imagined map of the Book of Mormon Lands by Tyler Griffin, Taylor Halverson, and Seth Holladay, BYU.
Alma 22:32
KnoWhy #130
The Plan of Salvation by Travis Washburn. See more at
Alma 24:14
KnoWhy #272
Resurrection Dawn by Annie Henrie Nader
Alma 24:14
KnoWhy #360
"Molitmoz" by Gonzalo Kenny
Alma 26:8
KnoWhy #133
Image via Adobe Stock.
Alma 27:22
KnoWhy #134
Batalla del Rio Sidon by Jorge Cocco
Alma 27:24
KnoWhy #274
Just like the Nephites of old, warfare today is always  accompanied by death and mourning. The funeral procession of Sgt. 1st Class Nathan R. Chapman, the first U.S. soldier killed by hostile fire in Afghanistan. Image via Wikimedia Commons.
Alma 28:6
KnoWhy #135
"Calling the Church to Prophetic Awareness" Image via P2ALM
Alma 29:1
KnoWhy #136
Alma the Younger rejoiced in the Atonement so much that he wished that he could share it with the world with the power and influence of heaven. "Abridging the Plates" by Annie Henrie
Alma 29:3
KnoWhy #137
Stela from Quirigua from Latin American Studies
Alma 29:4
KnoWhy #346
Image from “All Things Denote There Is a God” via Gospel Media Library
Alma 30:37–38
KnoWhy #532
In ancient courts, curses as punishment were not uncommon. Image via
Alma 30:50
KnoWhy #138
Still Image from “The Zoramites and the Rameumpton” via LDS Media Library
Alma 31:25
KnoWhy #458