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Image via Book of Mormon Central
Mosiah 5:11
KnoWhy #353
Image of Sealed Document via John W. Welch.
Mosiah 5:15
KnoWhy #558
The Gold Plates via
Mosiah 7:25
KnoWhy #369
“Caracters Document” via the Community of Christ
Mosiah 8:12
KnoWhy #515
The Spectacles or Interpreters by Anthony Sweat
Mosiah 8:15
KnoWhy #86
Stalk of Barley via Wikimedia commons.
Mosiah 9:9
KnoWhy #87
Egyptian Sword. Image via Wikimedia Commons
Mosiah 9:16
KnoWhy #472
“Zerahemnah” by Mark Parker. Honorable Mention Winner of the 2016 Book of Mormon Central Art Contest.
Mosiah 10:12–16
KnoWhy #559
Landscape with Moses and the Burning Bush by Domenico Zampieri via The Met
Mosiah 11:27
KnoWhy #516
Abinadi Testifying before King Noah by Jeremy Winborg
Mosiah 12:1
KnoWhy #310
"Coriantumr" by James Fullmer.
Mosiah 12:6–7
KnoWhy #560
Abinadi Before King Noah, Arnold Friberg. Image via
Mosiah 12:20–21
KnoWhy #89
Abinadi testifying before King Noah by Jeremy Winborg
Mosiah 13:5
KnoWhy #90
The Passover Supper by Brian Call
Mosiah 13:30
KnoWhy #420
Image by Book of Mormon Central, featuring Abinadi by Briana Shawcroft and Jesus Christ on the Cross via
Mosiah 14:4
KnoWhy #91
The First Vision by Del Parson
Mosiah 15:2
KnoWhy #92
The Raising of Lazarus, Duccio di Buoninsegna. Image via Wikimedia Commons
Mosiah 15:8
KnoWhy #93
Representation of a new fire ceremony. Image from Codex Borbonicus via Wikimedia Commons.
Mosiah 17:13
KnoWhy #96
Image by Book of Mormon Central
Mosiah 18:8–10
KnoWhy #320
Alma Baptizes in the Waters of Mormon by Arnold Friberg
Mosiah 18:10
KnoWhy #97
Alma Baptizing at the Waters of Mormon Sketch by Arnold Friberg
Mosiah 18:25
KnoWhy #303
Lamanite Daughters by Minerva Teichert
Mosiah 20:18
KnoWhy #98
Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash
Mosiah 21:11
KnoWhy #381
A 21st century artistic representation of the Golden Plates, Urim and Thummim, Sword of Laban, and Liahona. Image via Wikipedia.
Mosiah 21:28
KnoWhy #99