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The Lord Created All Things via
Alma 42:5, 42:8, 42:13, 42:15
KnoWhy #312
Captain moroni and the Title of Liberty by Jeremy Winborg
Alma 43:17
KnoWhy #151
Captain Moroni and Zerahemnah by Del Parson.
Alma 44:8
KnoWhy #152
Signing of the Declaration of Independence, John Trumbull.
Alma 48:10
KnoWhy #156
Painting of Captain Moroni by Walter Rane
Alma 48:17
KnoWhy #155
The Battle at the Sidon River, James Fullmer.
Alma 49:9
KnoWhy #157
Nephite Fortifications by Jody Livingston
Alma 50:6
KnoWhy #158
Soon after Pahoran had been appointed as the chief judge.
Alma 51:3
KnoWhy #159
Morphart via Adobe Stock
Alma 51:17
KnoWhy #430
Painting by James Fullmer.
Alma 51:37
KnoWhy #160
Two Thousand Young Warrios by Arnold Friberg
Alma 53:20
KnoWhy #161
Nephites' Last Battle, Harold T. (Dale) Kilbourn
Alma 56:30
KnoWhy #164
Image of Captain Moroni by Jody Livingston
Alma 59:3
KnoWhy #168
Teancum by James Fullmer
Alma 62:36
KnoWhy #170
Mormon Abridging the Plates by Tom Lovell. Image via LDS Media Library
Alma 62:48
KnoWhy #468
The Ship of Hagoth, Minerva Teichert
Alma 63:8
KnoWhy #171
After the successive deaths of the Nephites’ most prominent leaders, their government fell and war broke out again. Image by Joge Cocco
Helaman 1:2
KnoWhy #172
Kishkumen by James Fullmer
Helaman 2:9
KnoWhy #173
Temples in Palenque. Image via Adobe Stock.
Helaman 3:7
KnoWhy #174
James Fullmer collage by Book of Mormon Central
Helaman 4:25
KnoWhy #175
Portrait of Jesus Christ via
Helaman 5:12
KnoWhy #176
Image of Naples-Russel Mound 8 via Wikipedia
Helaman 6:6
KnoWhy #336