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Isaiah Window at St. Matthews Lutheran Church in Charleston, SC
3 Nephi 23:1
KnoWhy #217
Basilica of S. Lawrence stained glass window of Malachi by Wolfgang Sauber
3 Nephi 24:1
KnoWhy #218
He soy Jesucristo by Jorge Cocco. Modified by Book of Mormon Central
3 Nephi 25:5–6
KnoWhy #370
Jesús, María y José by Jorge Cocco
3 Nephi 25:6
KnoWhy #219
Christ Blessing the Nephite Children by Ted Henninger
3 Nephi 26:14
KnoWhy #220
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Houston, Texas via Wikimedia Commons
3 Nephi 27:8
KnoWhy #482
Image by Book of Mormon Central
3 Nephi 27:20
KnoWhy #338
Fifth Gospel by Book of Mormon Central
3 Nephi 27:21
KnoWhy #222
Jesus Declares That He Is the Good Shepherd via LDS Media Library
3 Nephi 27:22
KnoWhy #221
Christ with Three Nephite Disciples by Gary L. Kapp
3 Nephi 28:7
KnoWhy #223
“Early Church Witnesses” by Book of Mormon Central
3 Nephi 28:15
KnoWhy #521
Mormon Termina Compendio by Jorge Cocco
3 Nephi 29:5
KnoWhy #224
Love Story Mural by Minerva Teichert
4 Nephi 1:16
KnoWhy #225
4 Nephi by Normandy Poulter and the BYU Virtual Scriptures Group.
4 Nephi 1:17
KnoWhy #581
Amaron y Mormon by Jorge Cocco
Mormon 1:2
KnoWhy #226
Photo by Greg Weaver on Unsplash
Mormon 2:15
KnoWhy #387
Mormon Abridging the Plates by Tom Lovell
Mormon 2:18
KnoWhy #227
Mormon and Ammaron by James Fullmer
Mormon 3:1
KnoWhy #228
Lamanites sacrificing a woman by Jody Livingston
Mormon 4:14
KnoWhy #229
Gold Plates by Jerry Thompson
Mormon 5:14
KnoWhy #230
“The Hill Cumorah” by George Anderson, colorized by Katie Payne
Mormon 6:6
KnoWhy #489
Siege of the Stripling Sons by Brian Hailes
Mormon 6:14
KnoWhy #231
Mormon Bids Farewell to a Once Great Nation by Arnold Friberg
Mormon 6:17
KnoWhy #232