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Portrait of Jesus Christ via
Helaman 5:12
KnoWhy #176
Image of Naples-Russel Mound 8 via Wikipedia
Helaman 6:6
KnoWhy #336
Image via Book of Mormon Central
Helaman 6:10
KnoWhy #177
Nephi praying upon his tower. Drawing by Jody Livingston.
Helaman 7:15
KnoWhy #575
2 Nephi 31 by Jorge Cocco
Helaman 8:22
KnoWhy #179
Seantum by Briana Shawcroft
Helaman 9:35–36
KnoWhy #180
Dante Alighieri and Beatrice Portinari gazing into the Empyrean Light by Gustave Doré
Helaman 10:8
KnoWhy #181
“Death by Hunger” by Vasyl Krychevsky
Helaman 11:4
KnoWhy #182
Four Prophets by Robert T. Barrett via
Helaman 13:4
KnoWhy #284
Samuel at the Wall 2 by Jorge Cocco
Helaman 13:5–6
KnoWhy #327
Composite image of Samuel en la Muralla and Samuel en la Muralla 2, by Jorge Cocco, withe Mayan Calendar added by Book of Mormon Central
Helaman 13:5
KnoWhy #184
Composite He aqui soy Jesucristo and Samuel en la muralla by Jorge Cocco
Helaman 14:1
KnoWhy #185
Image of Calvary from BYU's Virtual Scripture's App and Christ's Image by Heinrich Hofmann
Helaman 14:20
KnoWhy #300
Jesus Sanando by Jorge Cocco
Helaman 15:4
KnoWhy #186
The Angel Appearing to the Shepherds by Govert Flinck
Helaman 16:14
KnoWhy #187
Jesus Christ as a high priest. Artist Unknown.
3 Nephi 1:1
KnoWhy #577
The Road to Bethlehem by Joseph Brickey
3 Nephi 1:13
KnoWhy #255
Photo by Dan Collier via Adobe Stock
3 Nephi 1:15
KnoWhy #188
Ultimas Paginas by Jorge Cocco
3 Nephi 3:2
KnoWhy #190
The Gadianton robbers and their lamb-skin. Image by Book of Mormon Central.
3 Nephi 4:7
KnoWhy #191
Adaptation of Zemnarihah Hung by James Fullmer
3 Nephi 4:28
KnoWhy #192
The First Presidency via
3 Nephi 5:1
KnoWhy #364