Allegory of the Olive Tree
KnoWhy #440
“And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard said again unto his servant: Look hither, and behold another branch also, which I have planted; behold that I have nourished it also, and it hath brought forth fruit.”
Jacob 5:24
"Molitmoz" by Gonzalo Kenny
KnoWhy #133
“Blessed be the name of our God; let us sing to his praise, yea, let us give thanks to his holy name, for he doth work righteousness forever”
Alma 26:8; cf. Psalm 106:47; Nehemiah 9:5; Daniel 2:20
Olive Grove via
KnoWhy #71
“Take thou the branches of the wild olive tree, and graft them in, in the stead thereof … And it came to pass that the servant of the Lord of the vineyard did according to the word of the Lord of the vineyard, and grafted in the branches of the wild olive tree.”
Jacob 5:9–10
Roots of Olive Trees by Jody Livingston.
KnoWhy #70
“For behold, thus saith the Lord, I will liken thee, O house of Israel, like unto a tame olive tree”
Jacob 5:3
Olive Orchard by Vincent van Gogh.
KnoWhy #67
“Behold, my brethren, do ye not remember to have read the words of the prophet Zenos …”
Jacob 5:1
Olive Trees on Thassos, Greece. Image via Wikipedia.
KnoWhy #66
“And now, my beloved, how is it possible that these, after having rejected the sure foundation, can ever build upon it, that it may become the head of their corner?”
Jacob 4:17